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At Dr. Eric Tiblier’s practice, we are committed to delivering high-quality cardiovascular healthcare. As evidence of this dedication, our nuclear stress test laboratory is ICANL-certified, and we are recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance for stroke and heart attack prevention, as well as by the American Heart Association for the Delivery of Quality Cardiovascular Care. Our board-certified physicians specialize in advanced preventative cardiac care, but also offer comprehensive cardiovascular testing, treatment, and evaluation to diagnose and treat potentially life-threatening conditions, so that our patients can continue to enjoy life to the fullest. When you are here, you can be assured that you are in good hands.

History of our practice:

Dr. Eric Tiblier founded Cardiac Clinic in 2005, after six years of practicing in a large group setting. His goal is to provide more personalized care while still maintaining standards of excellence.

Why Do I Need a Cardiologist?

Cardiologists are internal medicine physicians who are skilled with the human heart and pulmonary system. Strokes and diseases in these areas are really common in today’s society for a number of reasons. A few of the reasons why men and women end up having strokes and heart disease include: high-stress lifestyles, clogged arteries caused by bad nutrition or genetic predisposition, and also neglected dental decay and gingivitis.

A high-stress lifestyle triggers the body to release hormones associated with the “fight or flight” response. While this hormone is useful if there is actually a reason to rev up, if it is just a response to job stresses, money problems, and traffic frustration, it is a problem. Whenever the body is in continuous overdrive mode, the blood pumps more quickly and more intensely, which can result in overwork within the system. Diets which have a high content of saturated fats wind up causing an accumulation and clogs up inside the veins and arteries. Dental work needs to be maintained in order to help keep teeth, gums, and your overall body in great shape, as well.

We realize that there a lot of TV shows and movies which portray heart conditions (mostly heart attacks) as being an abrupt and obvious attack. However, this is not reality. There are a lot of heart disease symptoms which are not noticeable to most individuals. However, with proper care from a heart doctor in Austin, such as Dr. Tiblier, your heart health will be in good hands and we can detect any potential problems early on.

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Cardiac Care

Dr. Tiblier is a highly trained heart doctor in Austin. He is NCQA recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance for stroke and heart-attack prevention.

The mission of the Austin Cardiac Clinic: To provide excellent, state-of-the art cardiovascular care for the treatment and prevention of heart disease, in a friendly and inviting environment.

The Austin Cardiac Clinic’s specialty: Providing excellent cardiovascular care which is targeted to the individual patient.

How well we treat our patients: At our cardiac clinic, we place the highest value on our relationships with our patients and their families. When patients call our office, they reach a live person, not an automated voice answering service. This is because we want to be a part of each patient’s medical family, and treat our patients accordingly. We can help you with living with a cardiac therapy device, as well.

Vein Care and EVLT

In addition to providing patients with exceptional cardiac care, we can also provide you with vein screening, testing, laser treatments, and specialized therapies. We are dedicated to providing our patients with the personalized care they need to take care of their painful, swollen varicose and spider veins. Many physicians in the area refer their patients to us when they are in need of minimally invasive techniques to take care of whatever kind of vein problem they may be experiencing. Our techniques will help to cut down on the time typically associated with surgical procedures that were previously used to take care of vein problems in the past.

We make use of EVLT – EndoVenous Laser Treatment – which is a fast, safe, and effective technique used to take care of a variety of issues that you may be experiencing with your vascular system.

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