Carotid Doppler Testing

Carotid artery blockages can be discovered with the use of a carotid doppler testing to hear the speed of the blood in the carotid artery and to see blockages. Some blockages may also be heard during a physical examination, but this is not often a dependable indicator, because the most severe stenoses generally will need carotid doppler testing to be noticed.

What are the Carotid Arteries?

The carotid arteries carry blood to the brain. Plaque embolization is among the main reasons for embolic strokes. In individuals with blockages in this artery, treating or removing the plaque may protect against stroke.

Who Needs Carotid Doppler Testing?

You will need carotid doppler testing if you have a history of strokes in your family or other forms of heart disease, if you smoke, if you have an existing heart condition, if you suffer from diabetes, or if you have any other conditions which Dr. Tiblier believes could have an impact on your carotid arteries.

Diabetes boosts plaque development, and that’s why new recommendations suggest that all people with diabetes, irrespective of blood cholesterol tests should likely be on a statin drug.

Also, smoking leads to similar effects within blood vessels as diabetes. It makes plaque form more quickly by irritating blood vessels and producing plaque which is more prone to stick.

Carotid Testing

Results from the carotid testing are documented as a range, and this determines treatment options. Generally, in somebody that has not had a stroke, surgical treatment isn’t recommended until the blockage is 70 – 80% blocked. The reason being, the potential risk of stroke will increase with the amount of blockage, as the speed of the blood raises to move through the narrowed space.

When you have had a stroke or mini stroke from a plaque breaking off and heading for the small vessels of the brain, the doctors will often operate with lesser blockages since you have already shown a tendency to have pieces break off.

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